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House-Removals-Beckenham F Smith and son based in Croydon have been moving individuals and families to and from Beckenham for over 75 years, experienced in delivering furniture to the many notable buildings, roads and areas within Beckenham. If you are moving to Beckenham for the first time or just moving round the corner within Beckenham, F Smith and son are one of the most trusted and oldest removals firms in the area.
If you are looking for removals in Beckenham then contact F Smith & Son for a competitive quote for your relocation. We specialise in Local, NationwideEuropean and Worldwide removals as well as export packing and containerised furniture storage. We can handle all aspects of moving services, Piano Moving, Difficult Access, specialist packing for fragile items & Antiques. If you need more help and advice try our FAQ page or get some packing hints and tips 


Trams in Beckenham Trams in Beckenham kenwood-drive-Beckenham kenwood-drive-Beckenham           The town of Beckenham is located in the London Borough of Bromley, South London and sits in county of Kent. Beckenham is an affluent area of London enjoying great transport links to central London. The Tramlink Route 2 serves Beckenham with services from Beckenham Junction to West Croydon.

Moving Office In Beckenham?

F Smith & Son (Croydon) Ltd offer quality commercial removals in Beckenham. Our highly trained staff have the expertise to relocate office furniture and equipment. All vehicles are equipped with the necessary tools to make your office relocation a seamless operation from start to finish. Our commercial relocation managers will liaise with you to create a full schedule for your relocation. Crate hire and delivery can be arranged well in advance of your planned relocation. Records management can also be arranged with data/document retrieval services.

The Different Pros And Cons Of Using A Professional Removals Company in Beckenham

Moving from one location to another can be highly exciting, but it can also be a stressful experience. While many people choose to hire a van and complete the move independently, this can be a costlier experience instead of saving money. Fortunately, there is a method of saving money and reducing any feelings of anxiety when it comes to moving day. This article will discuss professional house removals services and the different pros and cons to using them.

What Is A Professional House Removals Company?

A professional house removal company is a service that helps people move their goods from one destination to another. These removal companies can offer residential or commercial services and many offer all-inclusive features including packing, loading, moving, unloading, and arranging of items. Additional services can include cleaning services for the customer and assistance helping with the insurance policies.

What Are The Different Pros To Using A House Removal Service?

1. Ease And Convenience If you have paid for an all-inclusive house removal service, your moving day will be far easier and more convenient than if you choose to use a DIY approach. When hiring a professional company, you can sit back and watch contractors pack (and potentially unpack) your belongings without lifting any items. This can be particularly appealing if you are moving many boxes or are travelling a long distance. 2. More Free Time Due to these professionals have experience and skills in removals, the move will happen more quickly and with greater ease. This means that you will have more free time to complete other jobs that need doing during the busy 'moving day'. Moving requires more than merely transporting items from one destination to another, and by having professionals handle this area you can deal with all other issues. 3. Safe Transportation If you own valuables, antiques or breakable items, then using a professional company can be beneficial to secure the items. An experienced and reputable company will pack all valuable items correctly reducing any risk of damage in transit.

What Are The Different Cons Of Using A Professional House Removal Service?

1. Relying On A Third Party One of the problems to using a professional removals service is that you will be relying on a third party for the relocation. This may not seem to be a con, but there is the chance that this third party may not turn up on time or fail to perform the task according to your expectations. 2. A Costly Service Despite being a recommended option, using a professional service can be costly and a financial problem. If you choose this option, you need to draft a budget and keep to this so that the service is affordable. You should also keep an eye out for any hidden additional costs; for example, if the removals company discovers they cannot move a wardrobe they could charge a fee to dismantle it. Final Words As can be seen, using a professional removals firm can be both beneficial and disadvantageous. Using this information you can determine if using a professional company is suitable for your needs.

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