A Good Removals Company Can Greatly Ease the Stress of Moving Home

Changing your job, getting promoted, looking for bigger accommodation are some of the reasons you might move your home and its belongings to another location in Surrey or a different town in the UK altogether.


This will then require you to pack, load, transport and then unload all your furniture and other belongings, a process that requires a lot of effort and energy and can take a lot of time, which the other aspects of the move may not easily allow you.

When you are moving to a new home or new job you have to look at things like finding a new property, looking for new schools, getting acquainted with new neighbours and neighbourhoods, changing your postal address, informing all friends, relatives and well-wishers, settling all utility and other bills and a host of other things. This leaves little time for the actual moving, which then is best left to the most professional removal service you can find in Surrey if that is where you are now based. These companies will have labour and transport at their disposal that can pack, move and unpack the large number of items that households do tend to have. If necessary, they can arrange additional transport if a single van or lorry is not sufficient.

House removals have never been easy, but now there are a lot of techniques that modern-day removal companies bring to the table, that makes it less difficult. They have access to good, light packing material and containers that greatly reduce the weight as compared to the packing boxes that were traditionally used. Styrofoam, bubble packing material, strapping and many others are designed to make the work that much easier. Lists of each of the packed boxes can be easily made on tablets and other electronic devices that can also share them just as easily with the customer, the receiving company, and many others. Forklifts, truck cranes and self-loading trucks make the lifting, shifting transporting and unloading that much easier.

On your part, you can make things easier for the removals company and reduce your own costs, by critically examining all the things you have in your home and ensuring that you pack and move only that which is really needed by you at the new premises. Some furniture may be too old or bulky to shift. A home can also contain a lot of junk accumulated in basements and attics. Certain items may cost you a lot of money to move, and buying them new may be more sensible. Get rid of all the junk, reduce the load on the removals company and you will find that the bills for the moving will be much kinder on your pocket.

Check the experience and reputation of the removals company in Surrey that you do appoint. Make sure that they have a proper representation at the other end, where your things are being shifted. Insist on their inspecting all your good, and the two locations before they give you a removals quotation. Make an agreement in writing and also ensure that your goods are adequately insured.

F Smith And Son Removal Services- What You Should Know About Moving

At F Smith and Sons removal services, we always strive to ensure that we offer our clients the best as relocating can be quite hectic.

What-you-should-know-about-moving with Fsmith and son

We have done the job for a while now so we know how to go about it. Here are some of the things you should expect on the moving day.

First, we schedule the moving vehicles to arrive at 8.30 to 9.00 in the morning. However, should you feel that you need us to arrive earlier, you can put a request with the office before the day of the removal.

Most of our clients usually ask whether they should defrost the items in the freezer before the move. This is what we recommend, although if it is not possible transport can still be arranged with the food in the frozen state. The reason we recommend defrosting is that the food might get damaged during the transport. In addition to that, we do not handle any disconnection of appliances. You should arrange with the local HVAC team to do that for you before the moving day. Our staff do not have the qualification to handle the disconnection and are also not insured for that.

There are some of our customers who have pets. The moving process can be quite hectic for pets, so we advise that you get the pets into a cattery or kennel. This will ensure that they are not lost while the boxes and furniture are being removed from the house and into the moving vehicle.

Our policy does not cover the loss of valuables such as jewellery, money or any important documents. Please ensure that you keep these items safe. You can opt to put them in a carry-on so that you can have them with you during the moving process.

We have an acceptance form that we give to clients during booking. This should be returned to the office. There is also a 30% deposit charge. We recommend that you give us a notice as early as you can once you have received confirmation of the removal day. This gives us a chance to communicate to our staff and ensure that the moving date is okay. We accept payment through cash, BACs, cheques and card.The money should be paid to the office and final payments are required before moving day.

If you have plants, we can offer transport but they will need to be potted. Keep in mind that these may take up space which means that there is a chance that the overall price will be affected. In addition to that, you should be aware that we do not have insurance for plants that may get damaged during the moving process.

Once the items arrive at the new place, our staff can put it inside and place it in the rooms you desire. We advise that you find out before the moving day if the furniture can fit in the new place.

Please read through our most frequently asked questioned HERE Or call a member of our team who will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have on 020 8688 7063

The Importance Of Using A Local Removals Company

Moving home is one of the most stressful events in our lives – which means we have to find ways to keep the stress levels down during the move.


One way is to rely on a reputed local removals company in the United Kingdom.

If you perform a simple search on Google, you may see many removal companies operating in and out of London – which makes it extremely difficult to select the right company for the job. That is where your extensive research becomes so important. In fact, you have to conduct a thorough research when choosing the best removal companies in the area.

Here are some tips to consider when choosing the best local removals company in the United Kingdom.

One way to make things a bit easier is to hire a local removals company in London. A local company can take most of the hassle out of moving a home and let the client focus on the fun side of moving home. A local company knows the road network in the region and could navigate your personal belongings through the busy streets without getting stuck in the traffic. That way a local company can save so much of your precious time in moving home. A reliable local company can help you with the cumbersome packing/unpacking and loading/unloading of your personal belongings. That is why you need to pick a local removal company in London when moving home.
Most homeowners may require temporary storage facilities to store their valuable belongings during a move. A reliable local removal company could offer secure storage facilities in their warehouses thereby taking much of the stress off your shoulders. A local removal company may also recommend reliable cleaning services in the area that are extremely important when moving home.
On the other hand, a local removals company would put their customers first since they are the bread and butter of the business. This may not be the case with most of the international or nationwide moving services in the United Kingdom. Such services might be busy with large removal jobs that they don’t have enough time to pay close attention to the individual needs of their customers. The reputation of a local moving company depends on their customers in the area. In fact, their reputation mostly depends on word of mouth advertising by their customers in the region. Hence, they will pay close attention to providing the best possible service to the customer in order to enhance their reputation in the region. That is why you need to search for a local removal company when planning to move home.
In conclusion, moving home is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. There are so many things to consider when planning to move home. Finding the best local removal company is one of the most important decisions in this regard. The above article provides information on why you should choose a local removal company when moving home.

Great Places To Live Life To The Fullest In Surrey UK

For those who find the sticker price shock of London property to much for their heart and bank balance to tolerate there are alternatives within a (relatively speaking) stone’s throw from the capital of England. One of these areas is Surrey.

Many of the picturesque towns in this area of South East England have commutes that are less than an hour from London’s Waterloo Station, making them ideal bases for those who still want to enjoy the vibrancy of the capital and the job opportunities and earning potential that come with working in London but want to save on the purchase of a home and as a bonus enjoy the more laid back and picturesque ambiance of the area.


The question is which town in Surrey would best suit the pocket of the buyer and their lifestyle? There are a number of Surrey towns that have scored highly on quality of life surveys conducted by a variety of respected estate agents and publications such as the Sunday Times.

Here are a few choices.

1. Chiddingfold.

swan-inn-chiddingfold-© Colin SmithPrices can vary enormously depending on the requirements of the buyer. For couples or a smaller family a cottage with two bedrooms will cost in the region of 600,000 pounds. However going to the top end you find country homes with up to six rooms at over 2 million pounds.

Waterloo station is 55 minutes away. St Mary’s, which is the village primary school has received good reviews. The village itself boasts good shopping options and for those who want to kick back and relax there are a number of excellent pubs with good food.

2. Brockham.

brockham-green-village-© Dr Neil CliftonThere are some excellent bargains to be had on the property market in this town. In fact a large ‘country house’ with an attractive garden space can be snapped up at the bargain basement price of about 1 million pounds.

For those commuting to the city a short 51 minute train trip will get them to Waterloo station. Community activities keep the town spirit up – and it’s well known for these. As far as amenities are concerned the town itself is picture postcard perfect – there are also butchers, doctors rooms, and as is usual a couple of pubs that ooze rustic charm.

3. Chobham.

east-side-of-chobham-high-street-© Andrew HillA smaller two bedroom home will set the property investor back around 550,000 pounds. At the top end of the scale are country manors at around 1,5 million pounds.

To get to Waterloo it’s necessary to travel to Woking (about 3 miles away). Once there the train will take only about 20 minutes to deposit the commuter on the platform of Waterloo Station.

This is certainly the village for those who want to really immerse themselves in the England of yesteryear. With a pub called ‘The Four Horseshoes’ where those enjoying a pint can watch the local farrier shoe horses it’s a treat for those of the nostalgic bent.

It also boasts some exceptional schools (although there are downsides – catchment areas are very tight for schools such as Gordon’s School) and some fantastic restaurants – really all someone could wish for and all within easy reach of the capital.

Moving to Surrey can be absolutely wonderful. Which ever area you choose to live in Surrey don’t forget to choose F Smith and Son to help you with your House Removals Surrey, call now on  Tel: 020 8688 7063 or or GET A QUOTE

5 Tips for Reducing Stress on Moving Day

Moving day is always a big event and can be very stressful for the unprepared.

5 Tips for Reducing Stress on Move Day

With over eight decades of moving family homes, F Smith & Son can offer these tips to help reduce that stress and make moving day a more positive experience.

1. The Essentials Box

Keep a box for important items that you will need on the day. These items can vary but will usually include a phone charger, prescription medication, documents pertaining to the move, meter readings and bills with reference numbers for utility providers. It is also standard practice to keep the kettle, cups and tea making facilities at the ready.

This “Essentials Box” is the last item to be loaded onto the van and the first to be taken in to your new home.

2. Pets

A wandering cat or dog, no matter how friendly, can become a serious hazard to people who are moving heavy furniture or even carrying large boxes.

By keeping pets out of the way, you can reduce the risk of an accident that may cause damage to property, people or your pet.

3. Labels

Mark each packed box with either the room of origin or the destination room, (i.e. bedroom 1, Dining room, etc.).

If F Smith & Son are doing the packing for you, all your boxes will be labelled with the room of origin.

When we deliver, we will place each box in the appropriate room, so having a label on each bedroom door will ensure that the boxes go to the right place.

4. Ready to Load

In most cases, there is a deadline to vacate your old property and allow the new owners to take possession. If the loading is delayed, this can generate a lot of pressure to meet the deadline, which creates a lot of stress.

When you receive the quote for your move, it is based on the assumption that the removals crew will be able to start loading as soon as they arrive. That means everything should be packed and ready to load. The exceptions are those items that the crew will protect on the day, such as large items of furniture, sofas, armchairs, etc.

5. The Right Mover

Of course, we are going to say F Smith & Son is the right mover, but let’s assume you are still undecided.

As a minimum, the customer should be looking for an experienced company with insurance, trained staff and the consumer protection measures provided by membership of the British Association of Removers.

F Smith & Son is all of the above and more.

What You Should Know Before Moving To Clapham

Are you planning on moving to Clapham, London?


If you’re going to be moving house in the near future, you’ll want to learn more about life in this London neighbourhood.

It’s important to find the right company to help you with your house removal in Clapham, and it’s equally important to learn more about living in the Clapham area.

The Cost Of Living In Clapham

Like many London neighbourhoods, living in Clapham can be costly. With that said, you shouldn’t assume that the cost of living in Clapham will be too high for you. This isn’t the most expensive neighbourhood in London, and there are plenty of reasonably-priced housing options.

One of the best things about living in Clapham are the options that you will have. When you need to buy food, you’ll have a wide array of stores to shop at. When you are arranging for your utilities, you’ll be able to choose the most affordable options. Having more choices can help to keep the cost of living down.

Finding The Best House Prices

If you haven’t found a house in Clapham just yet, you’ll want to spend some time comparing house prices. There is a wide range of housing options in the area, which means that prices can vary significantly.

The average property price in Clapham is upwards of £700,000, which is well above the London average. However, the average cost of rent is about £470 a week, which is less than the London average. Work with an expert so that you’ll be able to find a home at the right price.

Moving Into New Developments

If you’re seeking housing in Clapham, you may not want to move into a property that someone else has lived in before. Instead, you might want to think about moving into a new development in the area. Clapham is a sought-after area, and new developments are being built all the time.

New developments offer some very impressive benefits. When your home is brand new, you won’t have to worry about making costly repairs in the future. Instead, you’ll be able to relax as you adjust to your new life.

Frequenting Local Places

If you’re going to be moving to Clapham, you’re going to want to get to know the neighbourhood. There are a number of local places that you’ll want to frequent.

From Clapham pubs like The Stane Street Syndicate and the Alexandra to local parks, you’ll find that this part of London has a lot to offer. If you don’t know Clapham very well, now is the time for you to get to know the area. There are many wonderful shops, parks, and attractions in Clapham. The more you know about the area, the better off you’ll be.

Moving to Clapham can be absolutely wonderful. Many people wind up falling in love with this part of London. However, you should try to learn more before you start planning your house removal. Get to know Clapham, and you can expect your move to go very smoothly.

Get the Best Furniture Storage with F Smith and Son

Get-The-Best-Furniture-StorageMoving home can be an exciting time.

In many cases it signifies the start of a new career, new social opportunities and a new environment. It is also something that isn’t usually done on a whim, so is a result of careful planning.

The physical process of moving all the furniture and belongings is quite easy to plan in advance. The first step is to contact a removals company and get a quote as early as possible. Once a quote is accepted, it’s simply a matter of booking the move for the required day.

The normal process is to move the entire contents of your current home into the appropriate rooms of your new home, but this isn’t ideal for everyone. There are occasions when moving everything to the new premises can cause unnecessary problems.

A new home often means rethinking furniture layout, changes in furniture requirements and of course, some redecorating and renovation. In these cases, having all your furniture delivered on the day of the move can be a hindrance.

At F Smith & Son, we have a storage solution.

We can store individual items of furniture or even the contents of a whole room, until you are ready for delivery. If arranged prior to booking, this plan is easily implemented and is far cheaper than moving items into storage at a later date.

Our storage system even allows us to store items in different units according to the appropriate room, so it’s possible to have, for example, the contents of the dining room delivered separately from the contents of the spare bedroom.

This is particularly useful if you intend to redecorate or renovate parts of your new home, or even keep a room clear while you have new flooring fitted.

Our storage facility is also utilized by customers that are down-sizing, but need to retain certain items of furniture that don’t fit into their new home. This is often because the furniture is destined for a family member or friend that isn’t quite ready to receive the item(s).

Planning the finer details of a house move doesn’t take a great deal of time, particularly if you take advantage of our many years of experience. Contact Our Team 020 8688 7063, they are always happy to help, so tell us what you need and together we can make your house move as easy and stress-free as possible.

Looking For Removals Quote London?

There are many things to consider when you need to move from point A to point B securely, safely, and cost-effectively.


You should look for a reputed and experienced moving company in the area for this purpose. The company should be accredited by a reputed national or local moving association in the UK. They should provide a quality job at an affordable rate.

This read offers information on what you need to consider when requesting for removals quote London.

The first step to consider is to get removals quote London from 4-5 different removal companies in the area. Make sure you check what is included in the price since these quotes can differ in price depending on the services offered. Does the quote consists of packaging materials or are they charged separately? Does the cost cover the packing charges? Do they possess adequate insurance to move your high-value items? In fact, you should ask the company to put everything in writing when requesting an estimate from the removal company.
The right candidate should have adequate insurance to cover your valuable belongings in transit. You need to check with your homeowner’s insurance provider whether they cover the belongings in your home while they are in transit. Personal referrals from someone you trust are important when choosing the right candidate for the job. With a host of service providers on the market, selecting the right company is no easy task after all. If you have a friend or relation who has already used a moving company, ask them for the contacts of the contractor. That’s the best way to get a good removal company in London. In fact, you can save a lot of time and find a good mover in the process.
A search on Google or Yahoo will also reveal a host of moving services in the area. Don’t pick the first contractor on the list without doing a proper background search of these movers. The right moving company will let you save time and money while the wrong contractor is a waste of time and money. That’s why you should choose the right removal service when moving houses in London in the United Kingdom.
Like in so many other industries, a quality moving company doesn’t come cheap. That’s why you should not let the price be the deciding factor when choosing the removal company. In fact, quality moving isn’t cheap at all times. You may get what you pay for when moving from one place to another in the UK. That’s why you need to pick a reliable moving company at an affordable price. That’s where your research is important.
In conclusion, with hundreds of removal companies in London, how will you pick the right company? That’s where your extensive research is important. The above article provides information on what you should consider when getting a removal quote in London.

Employee Relocation

At F Smith & Son, we are no strangers to the practice of employee relocation.


F Smith and Son are familiar with the subtle differences in process when booking a removals company, where the employer is paying for the move.

We have undertaken many employee relocation contracts during our 75+ years in business, which have ranged from small moves for NHS staff, (from one hospital to another within the UK) to relocating family homes throughout Europe.

It is not unusual for employment contracts to include a mobility clause, which requires employees to relocate if the business moves to a different town, county or country. In some cases, the contract will state that the employer will pay the removals costs but, even if such a statement is not in the contract, most employers are willing to negotiate.

Whether or not the employer is paying for the move, most of the removals process remains the same. It is still important to start preparing early, (see Preparation for Your House Move) but there is an additional part of the process that needs to be completed before the work starts.

If the employer is paying for the move, there needs to be agreement as to who pays the removals company directly. This is an important issue as it affects contractual obligations, so the removals company will need to know from the start.

F Smith & Son has always tried to make moving home as hassle-free as possible for our customers, so based on our extensive experience, we believe it is easier and less stressful if the employee pays the removals company and recovers the cost from the employer.

This approach will help to avoid stress on moving day by, for example, eliminating the need for communication between the removals company and the employer if there is a late handover of keys or other delay.

F Smith & Son also provides a full range of commercial moving services and has helped many businesses to relocate their offices and/or other premises. We can allocate an experienced Project Manager that will work with the client to minimize downtime and loss of productivity.

Preparation for your house move with F Smith and Son

As with many other tasks, the key to a smooth and trouble-free house move is preparation.


At F. Smith & Son, this starts the moment you contact our office. The information gathered by our office staff and surveyor allows us to allocate the correct staff, vehicles and resources to your move.

Even if you don’t have a confirmed moving date, it is still important to start preparing early.

Once your date is confirmed, it only takes a quick call to our office to book it in our diary. We can then assign a vehicle, staff, equipment (and any required specialists) to your move.

It is during this early stage that one of the most important decisions needs to be made. Who will do the packing?

You might decide that you would prefer to do the packing yourself, in which case you will need to buy packing materials. Not all boxes are suitable for house moves, so it is important that you use proper removals boxes which are double-walled and sealable.

If you do decide to pack your goods yourself, it is better to start a week or so before the move. There are a number of reasons why self-packing takes a lot longer than using our packing crews; training and experience are just two.

Our surveyor will know the approximate number of boxes and other materials needed, so they can be ordered by calling the office. It is worth noting that the surveyor will calculate the number of boxes based on them being used by experienced packers, so the estimated number may differ from the actual amount used if they are packed by the customer.

The other option is to use our packing crews to pack all your household goods. This option should be requested at the time of the survey, but can sometimes be added to the removals quote if enough notice is given. Depending on the amount of packing required, this is usually done the day before the move.

F. Smith & Son can also provide partial packing services, such as packing just the kitchen, or just the fragile items. Our specialist packing services include fine art and export packing. For more information and advice on the best packing service for you, contact our office. We are always happy to take your call.

In summary, a house move will be smoother, more efficient and therefore less stressful with the following basic preparation.

  • Book the surveyor early – even if you don’t have a moving date.
  • Contact the office as soon as the date is confirmed.
  • If you are not using our packing services, start packing at least a week in advance.

On the day of your move, there a few things that you may need to keep to one side. These usually include any documents (related to sale, purchase or tenancy) that you may need that day, a phone charger, any daily medication and of course, the kettle and a few cups.