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Our FAQ's

For a 1 day domestic removal our staff will be with you between 8.30 and 9.00, traffic permitting, in order to have you fully loaded by lunch time. This would allow for vacant possession for the incoming resident in the afternoon.  An earlier start can be arranged upon request or if there is a large distance to travel between the two addresses.

Our vehicles range from 20 feet to 40 feet, so depending on the size of the removal we will need between 2 and 4 car spaces. This will give enough space to load from the rear or side of the vehicle (which ever is easier).

You will need to contact the local council to arrange a parking dispensation for any yellow lines. For red routes you will need to contact Transport for London. If you have parking bays outside your property you will need to have them suspended which is also arranged through your local council. Every council has a different minimum application time limit, ranging from 3 to 10 working days before your removal date.

If there are no restrictions, it may be useful to park your car or neighbours cars to reserve a space for when the lorry arrives, alternatively bins and cones are useful for reserving space.

Providing your chest of drawers isn’t too large or rickety, their contents can be left in the drawers, otherwise they will need to be packed. If the contents are breakable then they will need to be packed into boxes or bags.

Our staff are not qualified or insured to disconnect any appliances. These will need to be disconnected in advance of the removal day by yourself or we can, at an additional cost, arrange for a tradesman to attend your property to carry out this task.

It is always necessary to empty the contents of the fridge. Our advice is to empty and defrost the freezer section, to reduce the weight, and risk of any damage.

Although not advisable, it is possible to move a freezer with the freezer contents still inside. However the risk will be down to the client if any the contents were to defrost.

If you are involved in a completion day move there is always the risk of keys being delayed or worst case not them not getting released on that day, resulting in your appliance staying on the vehicle for longer than expected.

If this is the case the chance of the goods defrosting is greatly increased. The loss of contents within the fridge and freezer would not be covered under our insurance policy should this happen.

All jewellery, watches, money, passports, bonds and important documents should be kept with yourselves during the removal, so you know where they are and also they won’t be insured by our policy during the removal.

If we are carrying out the packing service, please ensure that these items have been put in a safe place before we arrive, as we will not pack these items.

Pets can get quite disturbed by the whole moving experience so it can be advisable to book them into a cattery or kennels. If this is not feasible, it is best to have them locked in a room so that they can’t run away or get in the way of the removal team as they walk in and out of your property.

All furniture and boxes will be placed in the desired room in position, except for extreme circumstances where the item of furniture doesn’t fit into the room. It is preferable that you are present at the delivery address for our staff to ask where furniture is to go as they bring it into the property. We advise that you do not put sticky labels onto your furniture to indicate where they are to be positioned as the label could potentially damage the item.

We ask for as much notice as possible to ensure that you get your preferred date, but understand that you can only give us as much notice as you are given by your solicitor. To secure a date we require a 50% deposit and return of your completed acceptance form to:


Address: F Smith & Son (Croydon) Ltd
Unit 5-6 Mill Lane Trading Estate,
Mill Lane,
Surrey, CR0 4AA

We don’t recommend making a firm booking until you have exchanged contracts or signed a tenancy agreement so that you have a firm removal date. If you haven’t exchanged we can take a provisional booking, see below.

We do take provisional bookings, but this won’t be taken as a definite move date until you phone up to confirm the date and pay a 50% deposit and return your acceptance form.  At this point no vehicles and staff will be allocated to your removal, it does however give us the opportunity to contact you regarding that date if we start to get busy.

Plants can be taken as long as they are in pots. Be advised that plants do take up a considerable amount of room on the vehicle, so may have a large impact on the price. This depends on the quantity that you would like to take. Also the plants in the pots will not be insured against any damage caused during the removal, although the pots will be covered.

We require a deposit of 50% upon acceptance of the removal and booking of specific dates, this can be made by card or BACS transfer.  The balance of the payment is due 5 working day before the commencement of your removal.  It is policy that no monies are to be given to the removal crew.

Yes, we can remove items from the loft, as long as it is fully boarded and there is suitable head room. Our staff are not insured to go up into the loft unless it is fully boarded with suitable headroom, as they could too easily put their foot through your ceiling when moving items around.

They can however assist you in getting the items down from the loft if it is not fully boarded, but you would have to be in the loft. Please point out to the estimator if you require any of these services when he/she comes to visit you.

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