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Moving Day Guide: What to Do While F. Smith & Son Are Moving Your World


Moving day with F. Smith & Son – it’s a bit like a tea party, except with boxes, bubble wrap, and a lorry instead of biscuits and Earl Grey. It’s the day when your home is a flurry of activity, and while our team is as skilled as a Beefeater is stoic, there’s plenty you can do to help us help you. So don your best flat cap or fascinator, and let’s make this a British moving day to remember.

Be Present: Ensure you’re there during the move or assign a trusted friend or family member to be your proxy.

Just like a cricket match, being present during the big game is crucial. You wouldn’t leave the pitch during the final over, right? So, stick around to provide local knowledge on what’s precious and what’s charity-shop bound. That tatty teapot? Maybe not so important. But the teapot Great Aunt Edna left you? Irreplaceable.

Give a Home Tour: Point out items of special interest and tricky spots in your home.

Our removal team has a keen eye, but they’re not gifted with second sight. When they first arrive, lead a brief tour. Show them the Chesterfield that’s been in the family for generations, the awkward spiral staircase, and the cupboard under the stairs that’s a jungle of Christmas decorations and old toys.

Provide Parking Instructions: Determine and communicate where the lorry can park.

Remember, we’re driving a lorry, not a Mini Cooper. A clear, designated spot close to your front door will make the loading process quicker and keep the peace with the neighbours.

Clear the Path: Ensure the movers’ route is free of obstructions.

An obstacle-free path is as important as a clear pavement during the Changing of the Guard. Keep pathways clear to speed up the process and prevent any accidental breakage of belongings – or bones!

Keep Kids and Pets Occupied: Ensure they are safely out of the way.

Children and pets are the cherries on the cake of life, but during a move, they can add an element of unpredictability. Maybe it’s time for the kids to visit the grandparents or for Rover to have a day at the kennels.

Offer Refreshments: A spot of tea goes a long way.

Never underestimate the power of a good cup of tea and a digestive biscuit. It’s the British way of boosting morale and saying thank you – our movers will appreciate it immensely.

Be Available for Assistance: Stay on hand to answer questions or resolve issues.

While you won’t need to micromanage our experienced team, being available to make executive decisions will ensure a smooth sail from your old home to your new castle.

Prepare a Personal Moving Checklist: Stay organised with a list.

Keep calm and carry on with a personal moving checklist. From confirming moving times with us (we aim for a bright and early start between 8:30 and 9:00 AM) to ensuring Fluffy is comfortably settled in the cattery, your checklist will be the guide to a well-ordered move.

Sort and Declutter: Create calm out of chaos.

As we whisk your belongings onto the lorry, take the opportunity to sort through those bits and bobs that have accumulated over the years. Think of it as a pre-move spring clean.

Pack an Essentials Box: Don’t get caught without your must-haves.

Prepare an essentials box with the things you’ll need immediately – toiletries, a change of clothes, medications, and of course, the kettle and tea bags for that first brew in your new home.

By following these simple steps, you’ll be doing your bit to ensure that your move with F. Smith & Son is as smooth as a ride in a Rolls-Royce. Cheerio, and happy moving!