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When You Move To New Addington in Croydon South London, You Bring The Countryside To You


If you are looking for a location that feels a bit more like home, where you can send your kids to school at top schools, but they can still play outside and experience the wonder of nature, all whilst living in Croydon London, then New Addington is the neighbourhood you want. Traditionally a less appealing area of the city, it has been long overlooked for development. Something that has led to it being one of the last pristine places in London and one of the hottest new neighbourhoods in these modern times. The area is well served by major motorways and by public transit, making it a great fit for mums on any budget, and a great place to retire for those getting on in years.

With homes starting as low as 175,000 pounds, the area is surprisingly affordable. Semi-detached options are available for just shy of 500,000 and fully detached homes can be found for a song more. Terraced style homes that appeal to the gardener in you, with open areas for children to learn and grow, are the norm in this lovely neighbourhood. Rents are a bit more affordable than central London, but access to amenities is unequaled.

Major shopping centres and entertainment options are scattered throughout New Addington and surrounding areas, making it unlikely you will need to journey deeper into the city, even for special events. Local events are a great way to familiarize yourself with the offerings of the area, including children’s museum trips and art events for those with a little more creativity in their hearts.

Hiking and walking opportunities abound with Selsdon wood; a wonder of flowers in the spring and early summer, Addington and Spring parks; both open and well maintained, and sparrows den; a beautiful haven for wildlife among some of the more appealing options. Recreational centres and a lovely war memorial provide more structured outing opportunities as well. Local food shops tend to focus on fresh veg and seasonal produce, keeping with the neighbourhood history of more natural living.

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Moving into London might seem a bit scary in these uncertain times, but picking a neighbourhood known as a city within a city, where the focus is still on clean living, getting to know those around you, and a little bit of London flare, will go a long way to making you feel comfortable. There really is no better place to raise a family, with highly acclaimed schools at the lower levels setting up students in the area for success from the first day that they attend school.