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F Smith and Son’s Top 10 Unbeatable reasons To Hire A House Removals Company Instead Of A DIY Move

The best way to describe moving? It is a difficult, tiring, and stressful task. However, what most people don’t know is that it can be a stress-free and hassle-free process. No matter your reasons for choosing to move to a new area, it is advisable that you engage the services of a house and/or office removals company to handle the difficult aspects of moving.

Relocating entails more than simply packing all you own and taking it to your new abode. Handling a relocation on your own can be a tasking job. Moving to new and unfamiliar territory is hard on its own and the hardships and headaches that come with moving can increase tenfold if you are handling everything by yourself.

A reliable relocation company can help make things easier by taking most of the load associated with moving from your shoulders.


If you are still not convinced that hiring a moving company is a great idea, we have compiled 10 key reasons why you should consider hiring a competent removals company like F Smith and Son to handle your next move.

1. You Get Expert Packing Services

Most people don’t enjoy packing for a move because packing is a strenuous and time-consuming task. Furthermore, when done wrong, you may end up breaking and damaging your prized possessions.

With house removals experts like F Smith and Son, you don’t have to worry about packing. Your belongings will be packed professionally and safely for your upcoming move. This means that for your move your possessions will be packed optimally in such a way that there is minimal risk of damage during your relocation.

2. You Will Save Lots of Time

Any person who has moved in the past will attest to the fact that the entire process can be time-consuming. From packing all your goods properly, loading and unloading the items, to unpacking them in your new home, you will likely take up a lot of time when doing everything by yourself.

A moving company will literally take the burden of moving of your back in no time. They will handle all aspects of your relocation including packing, loading, unloading, and packing which means that you will have more time on your hands to focus on other tasks you consider important. For example, while your moving company is handling tasks pertaining to your move you can focus on other things such as leasing a new house in the area you want to move to.

3. You Will Experience Less Stress

The chaos that comes with transitioning to a new area and way of life make moving very stressful for most people.

Engaging a seasoned removals company can help you have an easier time when moving. Your removals company will handle all things related to moving meaning more peace of mind which will translate to less stress for you.

4. You Get to Save Money on Your Move

Though it may not seem like it, hiring a relocation company is actually less expensive than doing everything by yourself!

Truth is, when doing everything by yourself, you will accrue different costs which when added up, may give a figure higher than what you were actually planning on spending for the entire relocation process.

A removals company like F Smith and Son will help you cut back on costs by providing supplies that you need for the move such as packing supplies and quality transportation – all under one roof. With a moving company handling your relocation, you will most likely end up saving money!

5. You Will Be Dealing with Professionally Reliable Experts

When handling your own move, you will likely ask people in your close circles to assist with certain tasks. Though they will help you with the best of intentions at heart, there is a high likelihood that these people will damage your possessions in the process. Further, since they may not know how to properly handle some of the tasks you assign them, they will likely end up spending too much time and effort before completing the tasks in question.

With a house removals company, you can rest easy since you are sure that trained and seasoned professionals will be handling all the tasks that may arise during the moving process the way they are supposed to be handled.

6. There Will Be Less Risk of Injuries Occurring

The last thing you want to happen when you are handling your move is to sustain injuries especially when handling heavy items. Injuries will not only slow you down but also increase the stress and annoyance levels you may already have because of the difficulties you are facing.

On engaging professional movers, your goods will be handled by highly-trained experts who have training on the proper lifting techniques and best methods of moving heavy items. This means that there will be less likelihood of injuries occurring during the moving process.

7. Professional Movers Have Access to Quality Moving Equipment

If you attempt a DIY move, it means that you will be in charge of sourcing for all the equipment that you need to ensure a successful move such as trucks and loading gear. Given that some of the equipment such as loading equipment is not easy to find, you will likely tire a lot before you are successfully able to do even the simplest tasks.

With a moving company, everything becomes easier. Moving professionals have all the requisite equipment for an easy and hassle-free relocation such as packing suppliers, vehicles of all sizes, and other moving equipment. Simply put, house removals companies are primed to ensure that your move is quick and stress-free.

8. Your Possessions Will Be Insured for the Duration of the Move

You can’t plan for accidents. This means that even the most proficient movers can make mistakes that lead to your items getting damaged during relocation.

If you are moving by yourself, you will have to reimburse yourself out-of-pocket if any damages occur under your watch. However, if your move is being handled by professional movers like F Smith and Son, your goods will be covered by insurance which means that the company will reimburse you for any damages to your property.

9. You Get Access to Tried & Tested Expert Moving Advice

It is especially advisable that you hire a house removals company if it is your first time moving. Professional movers know the moving process like the back of their hands because of the experience garnered in their many years of service. This means that they can help you plan your move in such a way that there no hitches during the entire process. Further, because of their experience, they are best suited to offer you invaluable moving tips.

Having seasoned moving experts guide you through your relocation can make the entire process less overwhelming. This applies to both novice and veteran movers.

10. You Get Free Complementary Services

A professional moving company like F Smith and Son does much more than just packing your items and transporting them from point A to B. There are also several other complementary services that they offer.

For example, professional movers have the tools to quickly and properly disassemble and assemble items such as furniture. Professional companies also offer services such as after service clean-ups.

Hire F Smith and Son for Your Upcoming Move! Yes, moving can be strenuous and stressful but with F Smith and Son, it doesn’t have to be! See Our Packing services . Contact F Smith and Son today to get a free moving quote and invaluable expert advice on how to best handle your upcoming move.