Secure Furniture Storage Units Croydon

There are many reasons why using an off-site place to store furniture can make life easier for you. From keeping your home clutter-free to storing the entire contents of your house while you are in the process of moving or working abroad for an extended period of time, storage is the solution to keeping your personal possessions safe and secure.

Secure Furniture Storage Units Croydon

Whatever the reason, F. Smith & Son offers you high-quality, professional, and reliable storage facilities to store your valuable possessions for any length of time. We also offer a range of other complementary moving and packaging services.

Secure Furniture Storage in Croydon

Self-storage is one of the most common ways people use when they need to store personal possessions. At F. Smith & Son we make things simple for you! At our modern storage units in Croydon CR0 4AA, we predominately store goods in 250 cubic feet wooden containers and our estimates are based on the number of containers you would like to store. Loose storage of items can also be arranged upon request.

Benefits of Using F. Smith & Son Furniture Removals and Storage Services

There are many advantages to making use of our furniture removal and storage services, Commercial Storage, compared to self-storage facilities. Outlined below are some of the reasons why our clients prefer to make use of our excellent storage services:

  • Removal costs are reduced as there are fewer items to handle and transport.
  • Risk of damage is reduced as there is less handling and moving of goods. Your personal possessions will only be handled twice, packing into containers at the current location and unpacking at your new home. With self-storage services goods are handled several times – loading onto the moving truck; unloading at the self-storage depot; back onto the moving truck for delivery to the new location; unloading at the new property.
  • Increased security as goods are sealed in sturdy wooden crates and delivered sealed to your new home.
  • Protection from injury and accidents as containers are forklifted on and off the removal truck instead of being manually lifted.
  • No need to provide materials to protect your goods while in storage as they are safely packed inside our secure containers separated by blankets.
  • As per our Terms and Conditions, we maintain continual liability for your goods from collection to final delivery. With self-storage services, you will need additional insurance either from the storage company or your own household insurance.

It is often only when moving to a new home that we realise how much stuff we have accumulated, especially when moving to a smaller space. If your belongings have taken over all the living space in your home making it hard to move around freely, storing your extra furniture and other items will help make you and your family feel more comfortable and happier.

For over 75 years F. Smith & Son has been providing professional removal and storage facilities in and around the Kent, Surrey, and Greater London areas. In order to meet the highest expectations, our excellent team of removal and storage experts is continually undergoing training to refine their techniques in the use of modern tools and removal equipment. You can trust the many years of experience and wealth of knowledge we have accumulated over the years to help you keep your valuable possessions safe and sound until you need them again. Find Out More:

We look forward to providing you with a free survey and quotation during which you will have the chance to meet our competent representatives and find out more about how our professional removal and store services can offer you the solutions you need.