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Here at F Smith & Son, our priority is to offer a quality, reliable and personal storage service to all of our clients.


There are many reasons why you may need extra storage, ranging from builders/decorators needing some furniture moved out to free up enough space to work, through to you just not having enough space in the property. Whatever the reason, we can store single items to whole house contents for a few days, months or indefinitely.

Secure Storage Facilities in Croydon

If you are buying and selling, it can be difficult to combine the sale of your property and the purchase of a new property as this generally involves different parties within a chain who all have varied agendas. Today it is very common to store the contents of an entire house so as not to lose the sale of a property.


This puts you in a good position as a purchaser due to the fact that you will be able to move very quickly and not depend on others below you in the chain. More importantly, it may give you better bargaining power when making an offer on a property.
Containerised furniture storage

When considering using storage facilities, it is also
important to consider how you are going to get the goods to the store and delivered to their end destination. Whilst providing clients with quotations for storage, we are able to offer removal quotations for moving the goods into and out of store (out of store charges depend on a final destination address being known, otherwise some assumptions may have to be made).


We are able to offer a range of other services to complement our storage
service. Please see our Local / National Removals and Packaging Materials pages for more information.


Our warehouse is predominately made up of 250 cubic feet wooden storage
containers, therefore storage charges are based on our estimation of how many
containers are required. Please be aware that loose storage is available upon request.Loading furniture storage container
Unloading Furniture container


There are many benefits of using our storage and removal services when compared to self-storage depots, some of these benefits have been outlined below:



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