Saving Money on Storage

For a large number of home owners in the UK, there comes a time when they need to put their household goods in storage.


It may be planned or due to an unexpected necessity, but in any case, it can be difficult to find the best storage option.

One of the first considerations is the cost. There are a large number of storage facilities in Surrey and prices can vary widely. Some companies will even offer discounts under very specific terms, but these can often be confusing and restrictive.

At F Smith & Son, we keep it simple. The storage of furniture and household goods has long been an integral part of our removals business. In fact, our large removals trucks are custom built to accommodate storage containers that can be carefully filled while on the truck, then lifted from the vehicle and stored in our secure warehouse. Combined with our low storage prices, this reduction in labour has clear advantages over other storage options.

We take security very seriously and every storage container is security-sealed and labelled with a unique code. This code is recorded on the inventory, which lists the contents of each storage container for security and insurance purposes.

We offer insurance for goods in our storage facility, with cover up to £250,000. This can be increased if requested in writing.

Another major consideration is the cost of moving your goods out of storage. If your goods are stored in a different storage facility in Surrey or London, ( particularly in a storage facility with individual rooms and long corridors ) it can take a considerable time to load the vehicle, which means increased labour costs.

Alternatively, moving your furniture and goods out of our secure warehouse requires far less handling and therefore allows for a more competitive price.

Storage is just one of the services we offer and we have the same commitment to quality as we do with all our other services.

This is evident in our membership of the British Association of Removers, our BSEN 12522 status and by the high number of positive reviews and repeat customers.