Moving To Europe With F Smith And Son Removals

Thinking about moving to Europe? F Smith And Son is exactly what you need.

We provide services for clients who are moving to Europe. We are specialists in the provision of reliable and personal european removals service. With experience that run for over 75 years, we guarantee high standards and 1st class for our clients.


Removals to France

We possess the relevant knowledge required for a professional removals company. We use modern equipment while moving you to Europe. We can handle your goods with care with the help of our experienced staff. They undergo training equipping them with moving techniques that are needed to ensure that we provide you with topnotch services.

We work with the Federation of European Movers Association (FEDEMAC) and British Association of Removers (BAR) thereby ensuring that we have a huge network of professional moving companies. This network is of over 4000 companies. They provide resources for us that are helpful and critical when it comes to your movement.

European Relocation Services

At F Smith And Son, we also provide you with complimentary services. These include packing materials that are critical when you are packing your goods. They can help you fit all your goods into the packing materials. We also provide professional packing services that are well priced. Here, our team of experts or agents will visit your property to prepare for the removal of your goods. This is quite helpful during situations where you find you may have trouble packing yourself. We offer either part or full packing depending on your needs. Usually, this service is carried out by our team the day before you move. Where you feel unpacking will be stressful for you after you have moved, we at F Smith And Son can do it for you. We will help you and your family settle into your new home quickly.

Whether you are moving with the full contents of your house or you are travelling with a relatively small consignment, we have services and vehicles that will help with this. We and our agents travel to Europe’s popular locations every week.

F Smith and Son have weekly Part Load removals to France, Spain, Italy & Germany

You need to provide us with information about the location and property that you are moving to for proper planning. Information such as whether the place within rural or urban setup can help in the planning process. The parking and accessibility of your new property also need to be concise to us to find out whether a large vehicle can be parked.

Transhipping can occur where the accessibility to your house is tricky. Here, the main vehicle is parked close to your new property. A smaller vehicle is then used to ferrying your goods to your property. External elevators can be used in other instances where goods cannot go through lifts. Such goods are then delivered over a balcony or through a window.

There is no need for you to have a hard time while moving. At F Smith And Son, we dedicate ourselves to the high standards when it comes to moving you to Europe. If you are moving to Europe, you should contact us for an estimate. Visit us today at for more information.