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When organising a home removals in London, here’s what you should do:

When you move within London or move to London, it can be an exhilarating experience! However, here are some things to consider: The capital is one of the busiest locations in the United Kingdom. Therefore, London home movers may have to deal with more pitfalls on a moving day than in quieter areas of the country. Are you moving your home to London? If so, consider these important factors to help you navigate the busy world of London removals.


When it comes to the heaviest traffic in the UK, London has the busiest. The city has the slowest traffic of any other city in the UK. When you choose a London moving company, you will discover people who are experienced at getting through the traffic jams and know the local areas. They know how to avoid the queues and get you to your destination faster than without their help.


Do you have a driveway at either or both ends of your journey? If not, you should visit your new residence to discover good places to park in your region of London when you arrive. If there’s one thing you don’t want is to come with a lorry full of your stuff not to be able to find anywhere to unload.

To stay away from the possibility of parking fines, you’ll need to see if you need to get a parking permit for the removal vehicle existence. Every borough will have its kind of parking permit, but the removal company you work with may need to figure this out for you. Just be sure you inquire about this and visit your borough councils’ site for more information.

Red Routes

Red Routes reduce congestion and help to stay away from people who use London’s roads who stop unnecessarily on the busiest streets. If during your move you need to park anywhere on the Red Route, there’s a possibility that you’ll have to get a special dispensation not to get a penalty charge.

Congestion Charge

Don’t get caught up in this. There are so many things that can happen during the moving day; this is a topic that you can easily forget about. You have the opportunity to pay this as much as 90 days in advance and by getting it taken care of early. When you do this, it will be one thing you can cross off your list to get on with your move. We offer more advice on London Congestion Charge.

London Low Emission Zone and Ultra Low Emission Zone

Vehicles that have large engines are required to adhere to regulations that are determined in the Low Emission Zone. This is part of most of Greater London. Therefore, when picking a London removal company, ensure their vehicles comply with these regulations. Low Emission Zone regulations were becoming more challenging for heavy vehicles in March 2021. Therefore, be sure you are ready for that.

Vehicles must comply with the Ultra Low Emission Zone regulations if your move involves driving in central London. These came into effect in April 2019 and must be followed. Again, check whether the removal company’s vehicles comply. You’ll need to know if you have to pay a fee or not.

Read more about Low Emission Zone and Ultra Low Emission Zone on Transport for London’s website.