Hiring A Van And Man Vs. A Removal Company – Which Is Best?


At first glance, hiring a van and man to help you move may seem to be the least expensive option. However, there are many logistics and factors involved with moving house and choosing a professional removal company can be of far greater value in the long run.

1. The Man

A van and man move will probably mean that you will need to do most of the heavy lifting yourself or ask for the help of friends and relatives. This puts you and others at risk of injury. Alternatively, you can employ a couple of day labourers to assist you. However, the cost of the additional labour can often make a professional move less expensive.

2. The Van

A man and his van cannot account for the size of your move and it may mean several trips to get you relocated. A moving company on the other hand will provide a removal truck of sufficient size to move your entire household contents in one convenient trip.

3. Expertise

The man with his van will probably not be able to provide you with the skill and experience to ensure that you belongings are relocated safely, securely and without damage. Expert removals know how to move your goods (including sensitive electronics, appliances and fragile goods) to minimise the risk of damage. A little additional short term insurance can cover you in the case of loss, damage or theft of your goods while being moved.

Your professional removal company will also provide all the tools, equipment and materials necessary for a safe and secure move.

4. Convenience

As mentioned above, a professional moving company can provide the convenience of a relocation in one trip. You can also rely on the convenience of knowing that your reliable removal experts will arrive on time and get you and your belongings to your destination without fuss and hassle.

5. Planning

You can provide your removal company with a floor plan of your existing home and the layout of where you plan to place furniture and other items at your new address. This planning phase can minimize the time taken to move you as well as ensure that you have minimal adjustments to make before you are settled.

6. Additional Services

Your man and van cannot provide you with the additional services that you may need for a successful move. Professional movers can provide you with storage, house cleaning, packing and unpacking services if necessary.

7. Stress

Did you know that moving is considered to be as stressful, if not more, than going through a divorce or dealing with the death of a loved one? A professional removal company will remove all the stress associated with moving house from start to finish.

8. The Cost

Cost is almost always the deciding factor when selecting between a man and his van or a professional removal company. However, the cost should always be relative to the value that you receive. You will always receive far more value for your money when you choose expert movers over a man and his van.