Great Places To Live Life To The Fullest In Surrey UK

For those who find the sticker price shock of London property to much for their heart and bank balance to tolerate there are alternatives within a (relatively speaking) stone’s throw from the capital of England. One of these areas is Surrey.

Many of the picturesque towns in this area of South East England have commutes that are less than an hour from London’s Waterloo Station, making them ideal bases for those who still want to enjoy the vibrancy of the capital and the job opportunities and earning potential that come with working in London but want to save on the purchase of a home and as a bonus enjoy the more laid back and picturesque ambiance of the area.


The question is which town in Surrey would best suit the pocket of the buyer and their lifestyle? There are a number of Surrey towns that have scored highly on quality of life surveys conducted by a variety of respected estate agents and publications such as the Sunday Times.

Here are a few choices.

1. Chiddingfold.

swan-inn-chiddingfold-© Colin SmithPrices can vary enormously depending on the requirements of the buyer. For couples or a smaller family a cottage with two bedrooms will cost in the region of 600,000 pounds. However going to the top end you find country homes with up to six rooms at over 2 million pounds.

Waterloo station is 55 minutes away. St Mary’s, which is the village primary school has received good reviews. The village itself boasts good shopping options and for those who want to kick back and relax there are a number of excellent pubs with good food.

2. Brockham.

brockham-green-village-© Dr Neil CliftonThere are some excellent bargains to be had on the property market in this town. In fact a large ‘country house’ with an attractive garden space can be snapped up at the bargain basement price of about 1 million pounds.

For those commuting to the city a short 51 minute train trip will get them to Waterloo station. Community activities keep the town spirit up – and it’s well known for these. As far as amenities are concerned the town itself is picture postcard perfect – there are also butchers, doctors rooms, and as is usual a couple of pubs that ooze rustic charm.

3. Chobham.

east-side-of-chobham-high-street-© Andrew HillA smaller two bedroom home will set the property investor back around 550,000 pounds. At the top end of the scale are country manors at around 1,5 million pounds.

To get to Waterloo it’s necessary to travel to Woking (about 3 miles away). Once there the train will take only about 20 minutes to deposit the commuter on the platform of Waterloo Station.

This is certainly the village for those who want to really immerse themselves in the England of yesteryear. With a pub called ‘The Four Horseshoes’ where those enjoying a pint can watch the local farrier shoe horses it’s a treat for those of the nostalgic bent.

It also boasts some exceptional schools (although there are downsides – catchment areas are very tight for schools such as Gordon’s School) and some fantastic restaurants – really all someone could wish for and all within easy reach of the capital.

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