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Our 10 Step Guide on Social Distancing and what our company are doing in keeping safe.


1. Staff complete a daily self-declaration confirming that they haven’t had and don’t have any symptoms of coronavirus and that they understand and agree to adhere to “COVID-19 social distancing best practice procedures”.

2. Staff who are unwell with symptoms of Coronavirus must not present themselves for work or, in the event that they do, they will be sent home.

3. Vehicle cabs (frequently touched areas such as the steering wheel, gear knob, handbrake, seat belts and door handles etc.) and load areas, together with all equipment, are deep cleaned daily.

4. Vehicle blankets (woollen and/or paper) and webs are being changed regularity and then left for a period of 72 hours before being reused.

5. Start times of our staff are staggered to minimise the number of staff present at the beginning and end of each shift pattern.

6. Wellness checks are carried out at the start of each day, to include temperature readings being taken/reported each morning.

7. Staff are instructed to wash their hands thoroughly on an hourly basis and frequently sanitise the work gloves. Where this is not possible, staff are directed to use alcohol hand sanitised regularly throughout the day.

8. PPE has been provided to staff members and include items from the following list;

9. No more than 2 staff are to travel in the cab of the vehicle at any one-time, additional staff members will travel separately to/from site.

10. Our staff are instructed to maintain social distancing measures as far as is possible when working and will avoid passing in restricted spaces such as hallways, staircases, landings and also to wait for the co-worker to leave vehicle load area before entering where possible.

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