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Moving to a new home, while very exciting, can tax even the most organised mind. No matter how well prepared you think you are, there’s always something that slips through the net. Of course, we’re here to ensure that your move itself goes as smoothly as possible. But getting your belongings from your old home to your new place is just one piece of a very complicated puzzle. We’re here to help you put some of the other pieces together in this simple guide to everything you should keep in mind when moving…

A Simple Guide You Should Keep in Mind When Moving House

Get your energy plan set up as soon as you can!

Switching energy tariff may not seem like a high priority for you when moving. But as the team at Switch-Plan will tell you, it’s extremely important when moving house. When you move into your new home, you’re automatically put on a “deemed contract” with the previous occupant’s supplier. This usually defaults to the supplier’s standard variable tariff. This is usually the most expensive tariff they offer. The sooner you switch suppliers and plans, the more you’ll save on energy in your new home. It’s also essential to take meter readings on the day you move in and report them ASAP. So you’re not charged for any energy you haven’t used.

Contact your local council

Informing your local council of your move is important for everything from ensuring that your council tax is billed accurately to being able to register to vote. You should do this as soon as you can after moving.

Update your insurance and driving license

If, Heaven forbid, you’re involved in a car accident while moving, your insurance could be invalidated if the address on your policy doesn’t match your current address. Update your insurance policies for your car and life insurance. You’ll also need to take out new buildings and contents insurance policies for your new property. 

Register with local healthcare services

You want to ensure that your health, and that of your family, is well protected. So you should be sure to register with your local GP’s surgery and dentist as soon as possible. Don’t leave it until you need their services as there may be a substantial waiting list in your area, especially for NHS dentistry.  

Redirect your post

Finally, the last thing you need is for an important letter or package to get lost in the shuffle while you’re moving. Fortunately, Royal Mail has an affordable redirection service that will ensure nothing slips through the net. You just need to provide at least 5 working days’ notice of the date you want the service to start.