5 Tips for Reducing Stress on Moving Day

Moving day is always a big event and can be very stressful for the unprepared.

5 Tips for Reducing Stress on Move Day

With over eight decades of moving family homes, F Smith & Son can offer these tips to help reduce that stress and make moving day a more positive experience.

1. The Essentials Box

Keep a box for important items that you will need on the day. These items can vary but will usually include a phone charger, prescription medication, documents pertaining to the move, meter readings and bills with reference numbers for utility providers. It is also standard practice to keep the kettle, cups and tea making facilities at the ready.

This “Essentials Box” is the last item to be loaded onto the van and the first to be taken in to your new home.

2. Pets

A wandering cat or dog, no matter how friendly, can become a serious hazard to people who are moving heavy furniture or even carrying large boxes.

By keeping pets out of the way, you can reduce the risk of an accident that may cause damage to property, people or your pet.

3. Labels

Mark each packed box with either the room of origin or the destination room, (i.e. bedroom 1, Dining room, etc.).

If F Smith & Son are doing the packing for you, all your boxes will be labelled with the room of origin.

When we deliver, we will place each box in the appropriate room, so having a label on each bedroom door will ensure that the boxes go to the right place.

4. Ready to Load

In most cases, there is a deadline to vacate your old property and allow the new owners to take possession. If the loading is delayed, this can generate a lot of pressure to meet the deadline, which creates a lot of stress.

When you receive the quote for your move, it is based on the assumption that the removals crew will be able to start loading as soon as they arrive. That means everything should be packed and ready to load. The exceptions are those items that the crew will protect on the day, such as large items of furniture, sofas, armchairs, etc.

5. The Right Mover

Of course, we are going to say F Smith & Son is the right mover, but let’s assume you are still undecided.

As a minimum, the customer should be looking for an experienced company with insurance, trained staff and the consumer protection measures provided by membership of the British Association of Removers.

F Smith & Son is all of the above and more.