Marine Insurance

At F Smith & Son the handling of your goods is of utmost importance to us. We work hard to ensure that your goods are looked after from the minute that we enter your property until the completion of the removal and this is achieved by careful packing and professional handling. Unfortunately it is not possible to eliminate all of the risks that are associated to a removal. For this reason, we are able to arrange for a specialist removals insurance to be in place whilst we are in possession of your goods. We are insured through Basil Fry & Company brokers who are experts in providing this type of cover. Our broker places our insurances with the following underwriters, Lonhams & Royal & Sun Alliance covering the following areas of risk:
  • Goods in Transit – protecting your possessions all the whilst we are in control of them
  • Public Liability – protecting those around us as we work
  • Employers Liability – protecting our staff against the risk of injury
  • Commercial Fleet – protecting our vehicles
You will find that the most comprehensive protection is afforded to you where you have purchased our export wrapping service. Unfortunately there are certain factors that are out of our control such as Customs Agents. These agents are entitled to look through your household goods and personal effects prior to clearing them for onward transportation. One of the most recognised associated perils is damage caused by customs agents. This is covered under your insurance policy if you select to purchase the cover offered to you. We have 2 different types of cover we can offer, giving you a choice of product: Indemnity Cover & New for Old Cover. 1. Indemnity Cover: (Click to view) a. Covering up to £250,000 of goods, claims considered on an Indemnity basis. 2. New for Old Cover: (Click to view) a. Covering up to £250,000 of goods, claims considered on a New for Old basis. Both of these policies can be offered with or without excess as detailed below:
  • Standard (Excess Bearing) - Subject to a Claims Excess representing 1% of the Declared Value under the Certificate of Insurance subject to a minimum of £25 and a maximum of £200
  • Super cover (Excess Free) – Self explanatory
You will be required to indicate which cover you choose before any work is commenced. If you have indicated in writing that you wish to accept the insurance aspect of the quotation but no overall value is declared, the insurance charge quoted will still be payable however our liability will be heavily restricted. Our liability will be similarly restricted in the case that you have arranged your own insurance cover whilst your goods are in transit or whilst they remain in our store (no insurance fee will be charged in these instances). Please remember the following message: Should you wish for us to insure your goods, we will require YOUR declaration SHOWING BREAKING DOWN THE value of your goods on our ‘OVERSEAS REMOVAL VALUATION form’. Cover will apply only where the due insurance charge and Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) has been paid. The Overseas Removal Valuation Form is comprehensive and it is important that you value your own goods correctly as this form would be used when considering settlement in the event of a claim. It is also important to read the terms and conditions that have been submitted as part of the quotation. As responsible BAR Members, we are keen to point out the restrictions and exclusions that are present. Please ensure that you pay special attention to clauses 8 to 11. In the event of a claim, working within the terms of this contract, we will endeavour to put the item(s) back to its/their former condition or compensate you accordingly for your loss. Please note: You should not dispose of damaged items until after any claim has been settled as the insurers may wish to view or take possession of the items. Please see our terms and conditions for further details. Terms & Conditions Summary of Insurance 'Indemnity' Overseas Valuation Form